Let's go surrrrrrfing!!!!!

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Hellllllllloooo friends 

How is everyone? I hope you are all well - and if your in England hope you are enjoying this amazing weather we are having! I love the sunshine just makes me feel so positive about everything so BRING ME MOREEEEEE!!!!

Ahhh what a really crazy fast week it's been, I totally feel like I haven't had anytime to blog even though I've had a week off from work? Crazzzzzzzzy...But I just really really really wanted to blog to about my weekend because it was TOTALLY AWESOME!! I've mentioned previously about my personal trainer Ben, WHO IS THE BEST, but he is in the surfing industry and fortunately for me teaches people to surf (which has always been a massive sort of ambition of mine). So this weekend he offered to take us to the beach and surf. I was so excited but a little nervous because I always expected to be surfing in like 6ft waves and had visions of me drifting off to france on a surfboard lol. But anyway it was an amazing day and Ben was a fantastic teacher! So good that we all managed to STAND on the surfboard which is really great!! I can't tell you how much fun surfing is !! Total adrenaline rush and I really would recommend anyone to do it! RELEASE YOUR INNER SURFERRRR DUDES AND DUDESSESS!!!

I managed to get a few snaps of Ben teaching us the basics before we got stuck in and tackled the waves! It was a good whole body workout and you are left physically tired at the end but its a nice tired and you are so excited that you don't really feel it until you get home and sit in bed!! HAHA!!

If you are interested in anything surfboard related or surfing then please go check out SBS Boards pages, I have linked their website, Facebook and Twitter below:
SBS boards Website
SBS boards Twitter
SBS boards Facebook
With all this talk of surfing I thought it would be really great to show you guys a few surfing type exercises me and Ben went through in my PT session this week!! As you can imagine surfing targets your whole body - so its a great way to improve your strength, power and stability. First of all - if you are interested in more surfing designed workouts then follow the link here where Ben shows you all the best moves: 

If you want to look at my surfing exercises then follow the link on my workout page or click here!!!

Go check it out !!!!

Speak Soon

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