General Update // Learning to Love Myself

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Hello hello,
The past few weeks I've been thinking long and hard about my diet plans, workout schedules and my general organisation when it comes to nutrition and basic planning. My gym is closed for 10 days as of the 3rd October, so instead of flapping about stressing about the situation I think I'm going to take the time to really relax and set some new goals and change up my workouts.

For a long time I have been afraid of stepping away from the cardio machines and focus on just lifting weights. I'm basically confessing to being a 'Cardio Bunny' yes, yes I am one. I just love cardio, I can't step away from it, it's been a big part of my process to help me lose weight and I think I just can't leave it behind. But I'm not seeing results anymore, yes I'm happy with my weight but general toning, I'm just not seeing it, this really has left me feeling very unsatisfied with the gym and to be realllllly honest, I keep finding excuses at the end of a working day to get down the gym. I don't know, I guess changing gyms and late finishes at work don't help with motivation but when you don't see results it really does have an impact.

I think just in general, I need to really re-evaluate a lot of my habits from diet, nutrition to self love. The past few weeks have been extremely pressurised at work and it's affected me a lot more than I thought. I under estimated the affects of stress and my body and the time I take to look after myself. This is definitely something I need work on. I just feel like I watch everybody and wonder when they have the time to do things, and upon reflection - it's me. I don't give myself the time. I don't sit down in the evenings and really relax. Working, going to the gym and jumping from home to home (my boyfriends and my own) is really starting to catch up with me. I feel exhausted, stressed, anxious, worried and like time is constantly running away with me. So I'm making the executive decision to stop. Just stop, and I feel like the gym being close for 10 days is a good incentive to start to plan, organise and learn. Learn to love myself, love about nutrition, learn about resting, learn about fitness, learn to relax.

I don't feel like I know enough about taking care of myself, or just relaxing in general. The past 2 years have been go go go for me. Finishing uni, finding a career, living away from home, new jobs. It's quite overwhelming and all positive progressive things, but I haven't ever really sat down and reflected on what I have done and figure out what I need to do to grow.

I want this blog to be a reflection of what I feel is a healthy, realistic lifestyle. I'm a 23 year old juggling a full time job, a busy (but super fun) social life, maintain a steady gym routine and trying to develop my love of all things fitness and nutrition into a career. I just feel like I'm ready to take the next step in my life towards building a fitness career, but I don't feel like I've planned enough about it for me to be successful.

At the end of this waffling post, what I'm really trying to say is..I'm going to take some time to learn to love myself and set realistic, achievable, goals that get me step by step to where I really want to be. This I feel is the most important thing in life, because without self love how can I tell people to love themselves?

See you soon,


Healthy Hangover Smoothie

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Happy Friday!
Blimey am I sooooo glad this is week is finally over. Works been a hectic one and a stressful one to say the least. I've managed to get to the gym twice this week and fit in a run so I'm going to make sure to head down there tomorrow to squeeze in a leg session! I certainly notice such a difference to my stress levels after a good gym session especially if work has been crazy..
Anyway, with this in mind - I have a night out planned this weekend which I'm totally looking forward to. It's not often I go out and let my hair down so this weekend it's going to be a good one. But with a night out on the cards a hangover is sure to follow..(I'm no student anymore) and I thought why not share with you a cheeky little hangover cure to help freshen up that foggy head the morning after the night before. We loose lots of nutrients when we drink and in particular become dehydrated so this simple smoothie will be perfect for curing that nasty head. 

What you will need:
  • 1 Small Banana 
  • Handful of Blueberries
  • 1/2 Cup of Greek Yogurt 
  • 1/2 Cup Coconut Water
  • Mixed Seeds
  • Blender
  • Place all ingredients into your blender and blitz until smooth..(if you can handle the noise of the blender that is..
Ta da, there you have you it - ENJOY!


New Laptop // Premium Apparel

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Hey guys!
So I have some great news, I finally have my own laptop! I'm super duper excited as you can imagine. I am now one step closer to achieving my goals, ahh. I just feel like slowly things are starting to fall into to place and my journey is finally starting to snowball. Now I finally have my laptop it means I can begin looking into my Personal Training course again which is my next step. Life feels goooooooooooooooooooooooood. *FIST PUMP YEAH*.
Anyway, onto something that you may all be interested in. We all love a spending spree, and if you are like me, I do love treating myself to some goodies for the gym. The past few weeks I must say.. a little bit more than I should. A recent purchase of mine included some super cute leggings from Premium Apparel UK. I couldn't be happier with my purchase, the material is great, thick (perfect for those squats - no see through moments) and so comfy. I'm very particular about the style of leggings I purchase, I like high-waisted, long length legging and these are perfect. 

If you fancy a pair yourself then pick up 10% discount with discount code: GEORGIESILK and check out Premium Apparel UK @:
Ciao for now.



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Greetings fellow readers/bloggers.
I hope everyone's weekend was great? Mine was a long one but a good one. By golly did I eat loads and I'm really feeling it today. It's crazy how much your body changes and reacts to what you eat. My energy is noticeably lower today because of all bad food I've eaten. I'm slowly starting to see the differences in my body as I change my diet so it's no lie when they say 'abs are made in the kitchen'.
I have a few recipes lined up for this week so stay tuned on that. I'm excited to start experimenting with different foods and ideas so depending on the success you'll definitely be hearing about them!
Onto other news this weekend my friend and I have decided to apply for the Tri-a-Triathlon which I'm super excited about! It's basically a shorter version of triathlon. So instead it's 12 lengths of 33.5m pool, 33km bike ride and 5km run. It's not until next July but it certainly gives us a lot of time to train and prepare. I will be documenting my progress on here and through a vlog once I get my goPro so watch this space in the next few months!
Anyway just a quick one tonight. Keep motivated guys, the hardwork will pay off I promise.


Got my Motto back//Breakfast Inspo

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Good evening fellow earthlings.
I hope everyone has started the week positively - if not you still have time to change it! This week is a bit of a crazy one at work, super busy and let's not forget to mention this super crazy heat we are getting! I can't complain - but I can when I'm stuck in an office all day staring at the blue sky not enjoying it..(SAD FACE). I've been really back into my training and diet again and I'm feeling super positive about it! I'm finally back into my routine which gives me nothing but super sweet happiness! I think it's important to understand that life gets in the way sometimes of goals and achievements and it's okay. The main thing is we get back up from it and don't let the little bumps in the road hold us back. It's taken me a long time to get to where I am both physically and mentally and although some days I don't enjoy it, I do secretly love this little roller coaster journey that is life.
Anyway, time for the best bit..breakfast inspo! Just a couple of images from my breakfasts past few weeks thought you might be interested in.


Avocado & Feta Heaven

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Hello earthlings.
Created a super tasty lunch this week, It's become my new fave so I thought I'd share it with you all. It's so super easy and quick it doesn't even involve meal prep, and you can buy enough to last you all week, how about that? Eating clean doesn't have to be hard?
What you will need:
1 x Avocado (ripe)
Feta Cheese 
Baby Spinach Leaves
(Chilli Flakes)
1) Crush the avocado and feta together in a bowl
2) Spread on Ryvita
3) Add the baby spinach leaves

TA-DA! There you have it! Easy peasy, simple pimple.


A Balanced Life is a Happy Life

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Back to the world of blogging - whilst I have a laptop for again...
I guess a few updates for you. I changed gyms and I'm finally settling into 9-5pm life. It's been an uphill battle, but i'm finally there. I finally feel like everything is slowly balancing out and I am focusing on myself again.
The most important thing with fitness is balance, in fact it is the most important factor in life. It is certainly something I have learnt in the past few months anyway. Without balance my body was just not coping, I was getting home late, eating late, skipping meals. It was just all over the show. Now I have finally got it all back on track and you know what I'm feeling GREAT!
I've been super busy back at the gym and focusing on changing my routine to suit my goals. So head over to my Instagram to follow my latest updates and activities.


Amsterdam City Love

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Wow. What an incredible few days I spent in Amsterdam. What a beautiful city that I have well and truly fallen in love with. Last Saturday I went to Amsterdam until Wednesday and it was one of my favourite places I have ever visited. Myself and my friend experienced so much in the short time we were there and I certainly did not want to leave come Wednesday. There are so many places to see and things to do that I don't think we could walk anymore if we tried! 

I ate some incredible food. During the second day we managed to find a cute little restaurant that was all natural produce. My friend is a vegetarian and suffers from eating gluten so we managed to find this restaurant called The Greenhouse Kitchen and the food was incredible. Pretty much all of the food on the menu was gluten free and it was soooo tasty. One of my favourite places. Then of course there was Omlegges! The famous omelette restaurant/cafe. We visited there for breakfast on the last morning and it was incredible. The range of omelettes were overwhelming and they tasted AMAZING. I gorged on so much food that I feel like a blown up whale now, but it was truly worth it. 

We visited the famous red light and that was such a crazy experience, from that we ventured into a sex show and even saw a peep show! The culture is something everyone needs to experience. Although it may not be everyones cup of tea but it's truly a magnificent place. It's interesting and we were lucky to have got to experienced the red light fully on a busy Saturday night. 

We managed to get into see the famous Anne Frank house which was also a magnificent experience. It's such a surreal feeling walking and looking at the place knowing how extremely terrified Anne and her family must have been during that time. We can walk around so freely now and knowing that Anne never got to experience that herself does put a lot of things into perspective. It is definitely a place worth visiting if you ever get the chance. We also visited the Van Gogh and the Rijksmuseum.

I'm Going to Amsterdam!

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How has everyone's week been then? I hope it's been good! My week has flown by! A few unexpected events have happened this week such as my boyfriends brother picking us up in a Rolls Royce one evening! This has prevented me from getting stuck down writing a few posts…But totally worth it! Was such an awesome evening! 

Can't believe it's Friday! I'm suuuuuuuper excited for the weekend as I'm going to Amsterdam! I've never been and I'm so excited to explore the city! Does anyone recommend anything…other than the obvious..? 

Going away and maintaining a healthy diet can be rather difficult and after all it's okay to treat yourself. However I'm determined to try and stay as healthy as possible for the trip and ensure that I eat regular meals. So head over to my Instagram to catch up on what I get up to throughout my trip: @becominggeorgie  

A nice short and sweet post today, just to keep you all updated. I can't wait to share with you my experience in the city! Upon my return I have some blog posts lined up so stay tuned..especially if you want some healthy cures to a hangover…which I'm sure I'll most definitely be experimenting with in Amsterdam…

Have a fantastic weekend..
Catch you later!


Sweet Potato Rosti

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This morning I woke up and I all wanted was a fry up. Sometimes you can't beat a bit of eggs and bacon! So I was gazing into my cupboard as I quite often do and saw my stash of sweet potato and my housemate suggested I make some Sweet Potato Rosti! So I did, and what a great and delicious idea it was. In fact it was so good that I thought I'd share it with you today. It's so simple and tasty! This could be such a simple breakfast idea or even just as a simple side dish to your meals.

Serves 2

What you will need:
Sweet Potato x 1-2 medium size
1 Onion
Sea Salt/Pepper (to season)
Coconut Oil

How to make it:
1. Grate the sweet potatoes. I left the skin on and used a normal cheese grater to grate them, but you can dump them in a food processor if you have one. Once you have done this place the sweet potato on a (clean) tea towel and squeeze out excess juices. Leave to rest for as long as you can. Whilst you wait chop the onion.
2.  Cook the onion on a medium heat until soft. Drain of the onion to remove any excess juices and mix with the grated sweet potato.
3. Divide the mixture into equal portions and heat the coconut oil (I put about a teaspoon size amount) in the pan. Then place the sweet potato portions in the pan and cook for 8-10 minutes or until they are nicely browned. (If you have some fried egg moulds then you can use these to shape the sweet potato if you wish too.) Carefully flip them and cook for a further 5-8minutes.

4. Serve and enjoy. I served these with some fried eggs (straight from the garden) but you can enjoy this with scrambled egg, poached, whatever you fancy!

p.s if the rosti's fall apart like mine did it's no biggie! They still tasted deeeeeeelicious! 

This is such an easy recipe if you have some left over ingredients or the cupboards looking a bit sparse! So go on give it ago and let me know how you get on!

 Enjoy the rest of your weekend,


Saturday Morning Workout

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The weekend is finally here, after what feels like such a lonnnng week. I tell you I couldn't wait for it to be over! It's a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK so we get a long weekend too.
So this morning I started my weekend exactly how I mean to go on, usually for me I get a bit carried away with 'treating' myself and binge binge binge. Well not this weekend! I'm determined to maintain my healthy eating so I can reach my goals. Yes it's good to treat yourself but I do go overboard most weekends which always effects my energy levels at the beginning of the week. So today I got up and headed straight for the gym! It felt so good to be in there so early and it was so quiet so I had some space to workout in! So I thought I'd share with you my workout today!

My workout consisted of:
20 Mins Cardio/ 1 Minute sprint, 1 Minute rest/ Cross trainer.
I usually aim for no less than 20 minutes of cardio every session. It's something I like to do and not many people like it so they choose not too, but I have a love hate relationship with it. Today I stuck on the cross trainer and did sprints every other minute. So 1 minute sprint, 1 minute rest. I have the effort level set to between 8-12 depending on how much I feel I can do that day. 

Gym Bag Essentials

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The morning rush can sometimes be a struggle, especially if you snooze that alarm a few too many times like me. So that's why I always prepare my gym bag the night before so I avoid forgetting my essential items! Just by preparing my gym bag I'm already a little bit more motivated to get down the gym in the morning. If you don't already have one, then it's always a good excuse to head out to the shops and treat yourself to some brand new items just in time for payday! 

So for today's post I thought I'd share with you my gym bag essentials just to give you a little inspo.. because well..let's face it, there's nothing worse than getting to the gym and forgetting your socks! 

So here's what's in my gym bag, what's in yours?


Breakfast on the go

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Mornings are always hard work for me. Despite my dedication to get up early, setting my alarm for 5.55am daily. I fail miserably every time. I'm forever pressing the snooze button for as long as I can. Which in all honesty leaves me always running just on time. This more often than not leaves me NO time for breakfast!! 

We all know the importance of breakfast! How much it benefits us etc etc. Many of us who have busy schedules can relate to the morning struggles of fitting in breakfast, but we all know we need it. I'm not a fan of cereal - mainly the exceptionally high levels of sugar, and as much as I would love to dedicate my mornings to eggs and avocado it's just not always feasible when your in a rush. 

So instead, I bring my breakfast to work. It's not the most ideal situation, but it works for me. I usually buy some natural yogurt and frozen berries (as I fortunately have a freezer at work). I leave these at work and I know that as soon as I get in I can get my breakfast! It's quick it's simple and it means that I get something to kick start my day. 

Don't get me wrong, I don't always have the same. I luckily keep a blender with me so that I can switch it up and make smoothies in the morning when I fancy it.

What I'm trying to say is, as much as we love to make excuses as to why we skip meals, there really shouldn't be any. Having breakfast is so important and by adding such a basic step into my daily routine I've noticed such as difference! Although it's such a simple obvious thing to do, it really indicates that having breakfast doesn't have to be hard!

So, how do you have your breakfast? On the go, at home - let me know!

Have a lovely week,


My Weekly Shop

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Hello everyone,
Hope you have been enjoying the weekend. For me Sunday's are all about meal prepping! Me and my boyfriend always do our food shop every Sunday and prepare ourselves for the week ahead. One of the most important factors of having a healthy lifestyle is keeping organised. That's why I always dedicate my Sunday's for prepping my lunches.  An old saying my head teacher used to say is 'failure to prepare, is preparing to fail'.
So I thought, why not share with you what's in my shopping basket? Now if I am entirely honest with you, I'm not the most confident cook so at the moment I am experimenting with ideas for lunches. It's something I really want to expand and learn about. I want to make sure I get the right ingredients that will fuel me for the rest of the day and keep me going so I can progress at the gym too. 
This week I spent around £28 on my shop which contained all my food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  So here's just a sneak peak at what I picked up this week..


Top 10 Gym Playlist

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Good morning world!

How are all our weeks going? I hope that they are going well, mines gone pretty quick! So I'm not complaining!

Today I thought I'd do something different. I know how difficult it can be to get yourself motivated to workout and I always find that having a good playlist is so vital to getting you pumped up! My playlist is always changing because I tend to overplay certain songs to the point I can't even stand it anymore! But I'm always finding new tracks that help keep me motivated so I thought I would share with you my  Top 10 tracks at the moment!

These are my personal favourites for the gym at the moment and I use them to pump me up for some cardio, circuits and some weights. So take a listen and share some of your faves! 

I currently use Spotify for my music, I pay monthly and I honestly think its brilliant. I would highly recommend anyone that doesn't use it to consider it even if they use the free version. 

1. Runnin' - Low Steppa, Keli-Leigh
2. Us - Kaskade & CID
3. Sparks (Turn off your mind) - Fredde Le Grand & Nicky Romero ft Matthew Koma
4. Fifth Harmony - The Life
5. Never Forget You - Zara Larsson, MNEK
6. Hair - Little Mix
7. We Come - Boehm
8. Whip It - Nicki Minaj 
9. Be Right There - Diplo, Sleepy Tom 
10. Work From Home - Fifth Harmony, Ty Dolla Sign 

So there it is my Top 10 Playlist that I'm totally obsessed with right now! I'm sure in a weeks time it will change! Let me know what your favourite songs are too! 

Have a great day!

The Wishlist

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Hello everyone!
I hope we are all well and working hard! The sun has been shining here in the UK and I am loving it! The sun makes me feel much happier and I'm starting to feel a lot more positive again. 

We all know how looking stylish makes us feel good, so sportswear should be the same right? I always find that a little active wear retail therapy is always good to keep you motivated for the gym.

So why not treat yourselves and make those squats look stylish too?


The Summer Goal

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Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and you are all looking after yourselves! Spring has finally arrived in the UK (well let's just say April showers shall we?). The weather feels warmer and the days are finally starting feel longer!  There's nothing better than that spring feeling! After what feels like such a long winter it's finally good to get the Vitamin D back!

So it's got me thinking, I said I'd do a bucket list a few months back and I think it's about time I started to tick off some of things I wanted to do before the end of the year. My first goal for you all is to start writing up about my workouts and posting some videos. I want to start building up a list of pages with workouts that you can print or write down to take with you to the gym or even do some stuff at home

So I'm going to start filming a few of my sessions that I can start posting up so you can see what I do on a daily basis at the gym. At the moment I am in the process of training with a friend so she can reach her goals so I think it will also be a good idea for me to track her progress so you can see the process from the beginning too!

Getting to where you want isn't easy. It takes time and a lot of handwork! We don't just wake up with the body we want, and we also don't see results over night. I know this can be frustrating for people who want to see results instantly. But if I'm entirely honest quick results are never great, this is about a lifestyle change. NOT A DIET. 

Working out should be something you enjoy doing! Yes, okay it hurts, you sweat you ache but at the end of the day if you are not enjoying the workouts you are doing or not getting the satisfaction out of working out then I believe your doing something wrong. I'm always so encouraged by the little goals I achieve and get to that it keeps me going every time. Not everyday is as good as the rest but even the small workouts are better than just giving up. 

Some people say I'm crazy for going to the gym as much as I do and I'm not saying you need to dedicate as much time as I do. But you need to put the effort and trust me before long it won't even become a chore for the gym…

I'm also going to set myself a summer goal to achieve by the end of would be great if you could all set one too! Leave a comment and let me know what you decide to do and maybe we can set a challenge?

Right now I'm still getting back into the swing of blogging again, I am determined to get back to it though and start giving you what you need. Some good old workouts!!! There shouldn't be many excuses now that I have a laptop to work with for a while.

So stay tuned as I prepare a little post for you guys explaining my daily gym routine and hopefully you can start to put in some of what I do in to your daily routines!

Take care,


The New Chapter

Hello strangers,
It seems to be a reocurring sentence for me - 'sorry for the lack of posts'. 

 The past few months have been tough for me. As much as I have wanted to post and start this journey of becoming a personal trainer, it's not been easy. It seems like I'm constantly giving empty promises after empty promises. This is something that I know I want to do, I have to do. Yet every obstacle seems to just come my way every time I get that little step closer. 

For the most part - personal issues have prevented me from getting my head stuck in and crack on with what needs to be done. Followed by my lack of funds to actually be able to start a personal training course. My final excuse - no laptop. I can't possibly have a blog without a laptop right?

I'm so utterly grateful that I have amazing friends, one that was so amazingly kind enough to lend me their laptop for a month. I couldn't be more grateful. It means its given me an opportunity to crack on with a few things and start again. 

Although the first few months of 2016 have not necessarily started well for me - I am determined to make it mine. I'm not going to give up my dream of becoming a personal trainer no matter how many times I get knocked down or held back. This is something I see myself doing and its going to take time, but its time I'm committed to putting in. I'm not going to give up.

So it was just a little post to let you know that I haven't stopped blogging - I'm still here and I'm still planning the next big thing for this blog. It's slow progress - but I'm a perfectionist so it will not be done until its perfect. But I just hope its worth the wait for most people. 

So stay tuned - because I will be back - I will make this happen..
It's only a matter of time..


Transformation Tuesday

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Ahh Good Morning, Good Evening etc etc...
I do sincerely apologise for my lack of posts the past few weeks. It's been extremely difficult to post due to the fact that I am no longer at my previous job and don't have regular access to a computer.

I do however have my tablet but time has been limited in the evenings and well it's aleady heading towards the end of the month and I feel like I've achieved nothing. Alot has changed in my life and I feel like I can finally start focusing on what I really set this blog out to do. 

It wasn't until the past few weeks that I sat down with my good friend and PT Ben did I really realise how much I wanted to spend time blogging about fitness again. It threw me off last summer when I realised how heavy the work load of blogging is especially on a regular juggling life. In addition add my accessibility to a computer and things get even harder. It's been a niggling thought in the back of my mind for a while about how I just gave up my aspiration to do fitness blogging. I guess I've really just been spending my time getting into the habit of blogging in the recent months. It wasn't something I intended to give up on. It just stopped.

I've really been afraid of doing it. If i'm really honest, but i'm not really sure what of. I guess with blogging you expose and reveal yourself to a mass audience and sometimes the thought overwhelms me. A lack of confidence in myself and what I truly can do has stopped me from expressing what I really love and aspire to do. I'm not the most confident of individuals and I guess that is something I need to develop on but it's also something I feel I'm going to gain from blogging.

So my true reason behind this post is the first step in telling myself and everyone reading that you CAN do anything you want to do. I look at my journey in the past few years and what I have achieved and it's so easy to compare yourself to what everyone else has achieved and put yourself down. But.. we must always remember you live and control the outcomes in your life so if you sit and resent people for being happier, richer or further on in life than you you are only wasting time developing yourself.

Below is before and after pictures of me, the left is me just starting out at Uni. I was unhappy, jealous of skinnier girls and genuinely unhealthy. I would spend days feeling sorry for myself and resenting other people because I wasn't happy or in shape. Uni was a catalist for change for me and a healthy balance of nutrition and exercise has lead me to get to where I am today (the image on the right). This change in my body image has given me the drive and determination to take on so many other challenges since then. I am more confident and happy, not everyday but who is?

What I'm really trying to say is, the biggest problem that overtook my life was my weight. It held me back, but now i've tackled that issue and I feel like I can take on anything. Okay, i'm not confident in myself but i've realised how much more confident I am.

So here is where the post ends and you are probably wondering what this is all about. Basically i'm working on developing my blog to help develop you. I want this blog to reflect what I really love, fitness. So I plan to guide you with workouts to help you enjoy fitness like I do.

The journey hasn't been easy and it's not going to be, but I guess I want you to know that if your determined enough you will do it. So please come back and watch out for some videos and workout ideas that I hope will inspire you to keep going.

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