Transformation Tuesday

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Ahh Good Morning, Good Evening etc etc...
I do sincerely apologise for my lack of posts the past few weeks. It's been extremely difficult to post due to the fact that I am no longer at my previous job and don't have regular access to a computer.

I do however have my tablet but time has been limited in the evenings and well it's aleady heading towards the end of the month and I feel like I've achieved nothing. Alot has changed in my life and I feel like I can finally start focusing on what I really set this blog out to do. 

It wasn't until the past few weeks that I sat down with my good friend and PT Ben did I really realise how much I wanted to spend time blogging about fitness again. It threw me off last summer when I realised how heavy the work load of blogging is especially on a regular juggling life. In addition add my accessibility to a computer and things get even harder. It's been a niggling thought in the back of my mind for a while about how I just gave up my aspiration to do fitness blogging. I guess I've really just been spending my time getting into the habit of blogging in the recent months. It wasn't something I intended to give up on. It just stopped.

I've really been afraid of doing it. If i'm really honest, but i'm not really sure what of. I guess with blogging you expose and reveal yourself to a mass audience and sometimes the thought overwhelms me. A lack of confidence in myself and what I truly can do has stopped me from expressing what I really love and aspire to do. I'm not the most confident of individuals and I guess that is something I need to develop on but it's also something I feel I'm going to gain from blogging.

So my true reason behind this post is the first step in telling myself and everyone reading that you CAN do anything you want to do. I look at my journey in the past few years and what I have achieved and it's so easy to compare yourself to what everyone else has achieved and put yourself down. But.. we must always remember you live and control the outcomes in your life so if you sit and resent people for being happier, richer or further on in life than you you are only wasting time developing yourself.

Below is before and after pictures of me, the left is me just starting out at Uni. I was unhappy, jealous of skinnier girls and genuinely unhealthy. I would spend days feeling sorry for myself and resenting other people because I wasn't happy or in shape. Uni was a catalist for change for me and a healthy balance of nutrition and exercise has lead me to get to where I am today (the image on the right). This change in my body image has given me the drive and determination to take on so many other challenges since then. I am more confident and happy, not everyday but who is?

What I'm really trying to say is, the biggest problem that overtook my life was my weight. It held me back, but now i've tackled that issue and I feel like I can take on anything. Okay, i'm not confident in myself but i've realised how much more confident I am.

So here is where the post ends and you are probably wondering what this is all about. Basically i'm working on developing my blog to help develop you. I want this blog to reflect what I really love, fitness. So I plan to guide you with workouts to help you enjoy fitness like I do.

The journey hasn't been easy and it's not going to be, but I guess I want you to know that if your determined enough you will do it. So please come back and watch out for some videos and workout ideas that I hope will inspire you to keep going.

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