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Hello everyone,
Hope you have been enjoying the weekend. For me Sunday's are all about meal prepping! Me and my boyfriend always do our food shop every Sunday and prepare ourselves for the week ahead. One of the most important factors of having a healthy lifestyle is keeping organised. That's why I always dedicate my Sunday's for prepping my lunches.  An old saying my head teacher used to say is 'failure to prepare, is preparing to fail'.
So I thought, why not share with you what's in my shopping basket? Now if I am entirely honest with you, I'm not the most confident cook so at the moment I am experimenting with ideas for lunches. It's something I really want to expand and learn about. I want to make sure I get the right ingredients that will fuel me for the rest of the day and keep me going so I can progress at the gym too. 
This week I spent around £28 on my shop which contained all my food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  So here's just a sneak peak at what I picked up this week..

 I'm super excited as I managed to get my hands on some courgette spaghetti this week. Ready prepared vegetables aren't my favourite things to buy however I don't have a spaghetti maker at the moment and the packet was reduced to 79p so why not ey? I plan on using this with some turkey mince and vegetables in a bolognese type sauce for my lunches this week. 
 I also picked up lots of bits for a salad, as the weather gets warmer I just luuuuuuurve salads. In fact I eat them pretty much all year round. So I know this week a lot of side salads will be accompanying my dinners. It's a really quick way of getting those extra veggies as well. 
I always buy lots of Turkey, I much prefer turkey to chicken it has a lot more protein in and as I currently don't take protein shakes its a good way of getting it in my diet.
Obviously, sweet potato landed in my basket. I love it, and I got a whole of sweet potato for just £1.20!  I'm planning of using them for some mash to go with my leek and pork sausages, and maybe even some fries to accompany my turkey steaks! I also like cutting them up into cubes to add in my salads as well. (adds a bit of substance). 
For breakfast I like to pick up frozen fruit and add it to some yogurt with granola. I love frozen fruit, it gives me the option to have them when I want and it's a much cheaper alternative. It lasts longer and I don't have to worry about eating it before it goes off. I usually keep a bag in the freezer at work too so if I get peckish I can just snack off them too!
I'm very lucky to live with 3 chickens so I always have fresh eggs at the ready, so I may even make an omelette for breakfast this week with some left over peppers and mushrooms from my salads. 

So keep an eye out on my Instagram: @becominggeorgie for meals I have throughout the week.   
I hope everyone has a good week, 
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