The Summer Goal

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Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and you are all looking after yourselves! Spring has finally arrived in the UK (well let's just say April showers shall we?). The weather feels warmer and the days are finally starting feel longer!  There's nothing better than that spring feeling! After what feels like such a long winter it's finally good to get the Vitamin D back!

So it's got me thinking, I said I'd do a bucket list a few months back and I think it's about time I started to tick off some of things I wanted to do before the end of the year. My first goal for you all is to start writing up about my workouts and posting some videos. I want to start building up a list of pages with workouts that you can print or write down to take with you to the gym or even do some stuff at home

So I'm going to start filming a few of my sessions that I can start posting up so you can see what I do on a daily basis at the gym. At the moment I am in the process of training with a friend so she can reach her goals so I think it will also be a good idea for me to track her progress so you can see the process from the beginning too!

Getting to where you want isn't easy. It takes time and a lot of handwork! We don't just wake up with the body we want, and we also don't see results over night. I know this can be frustrating for people who want to see results instantly. But if I'm entirely honest quick results are never great, this is about a lifestyle change. NOT A DIET. 

Working out should be something you enjoy doing! Yes, okay it hurts, you sweat you ache but at the end of the day if you are not enjoying the workouts you are doing or not getting the satisfaction out of working out then I believe your doing something wrong. I'm always so encouraged by the little goals I achieve and get to that it keeps me going every time. Not everyday is as good as the rest but even the small workouts are better than just giving up. 

Some people say I'm crazy for going to the gym as much as I do and I'm not saying you need to dedicate as much time as I do. But you need to put the effort and trust me before long it won't even become a chore for the gym…

I'm also going to set myself a summer goal to achieve by the end of would be great if you could all set one too! Leave a comment and let me know what you decide to do and maybe we can set a challenge?

Right now I'm still getting back into the swing of blogging again, I am determined to get back to it though and start giving you what you need. Some good old workouts!!! There shouldn't be many excuses now that I have a laptop to work with for a while.

So stay tuned as I prepare a little post for you guys explaining my daily gym routine and hopefully you can start to put in some of what I do in to your daily routines!

Take care,

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1 comment

  1. My goal is....I have written out a gym plan and want to aim to complete this by the end of each week. As you know...due to being at the begining stage the gym is one minute enjoyable and next not. I fall of the wagon extremely quickly to the point weeks have gone by and I could of lost a lot of weight in that time! I am to do this goal for 2 months and then see how my plan is working and where I need to make changes if not working :)! Hope you get more people setting goals with you ♡