A Balanced Life is a Happy Life

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Back to the world of blogging - whilst I have a laptop for again...
I guess a few updates for you. I changed gyms and I'm finally settling into 9-5pm life. It's been an uphill battle, but i'm finally there. I finally feel like everything is slowly balancing out and I am focusing on myself again.
The most important thing with fitness is balance, in fact it is the most important factor in life. It is certainly something I have learnt in the past few months anyway. Without balance my body was just not coping, I was getting home late, eating late, skipping meals. It was just all over the show. Now I have finally got it all back on track and you know what I'm feeling GREAT!
I've been super busy back at the gym and focusing on changing my routine to suit my goals. So head over to my Instagram to follow my latest updates and activities.

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