Got my Motto back//Breakfast Inspo

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Good evening fellow earthlings.
I hope everyone has started the week positively - if not you still have time to change it! This week is a bit of a crazy one at work, super busy and let's not forget to mention this super crazy heat we are getting! I can't complain - but I can when I'm stuck in an office all day staring at the blue sky not enjoying it..(SAD FACE). I've been really back into my training and diet again and I'm feeling super positive about it! I'm finally back into my routine which gives me nothing but super sweet happiness! I think it's important to understand that life gets in the way sometimes of goals and achievements and it's okay. The main thing is we get back up from it and don't let the little bumps in the road hold us back. It's taken me a long time to get to where I am both physically and mentally and although some days I don't enjoy it, I do secretly love this little roller coaster journey that is life.
Anyway, time for the best bit..breakfast inspo! Just a couple of images from my breakfasts past few weeks thought you might be interested in.

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