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Greetings fellow readers/bloggers.
I hope everyone's weekend was great? Mine was a long one but a good one. By golly did I eat loads and I'm really feeling it today. It's crazy how much your body changes and reacts to what you eat. My energy is noticeably lower today because of all bad food I've eaten. I'm slowly starting to see the differences in my body as I change my diet so it's no lie when they say 'abs are made in the kitchen'.
I have a few recipes lined up for this week so stay tuned on that. I'm excited to start experimenting with different foods and ideas so depending on the success you'll definitely be hearing about them!
Onto other news this weekend my friend and I have decided to apply for the Tri-a-Triathlon which I'm super excited about! It's basically a shorter version of triathlon. So instead it's 12 lengths of 33.5m pool, 33km bike ride and 5km run. It's not until next July but it certainly gives us a lot of time to train and prepare. I will be documenting my progress on here and through a vlog once I get my goPro so watch this space in the next few months!
Anyway just a quick one tonight. Keep motivated guys, the hardwork will pay off I promise.

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