General Update // Learning to Love Myself

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Hello hello,
The past few weeks I've been thinking long and hard about my diet plans, workout schedules and my general organisation when it comes to nutrition and basic planning. My gym is closed for 10 days as of the 3rd October, so instead of flapping about stressing about the situation I think I'm going to take the time to really relax and set some new goals and change up my workouts.

For a long time I have been afraid of stepping away from the cardio machines and focus on just lifting weights. I'm basically confessing to being a 'Cardio Bunny' yes, yes I am one. I just love cardio, I can't step away from it, it's been a big part of my process to help me lose weight and I think I just can't leave it behind. But I'm not seeing results anymore, yes I'm happy with my weight but general toning, I'm just not seeing it, this really has left me feeling very unsatisfied with the gym and to be realllllly honest, I keep finding excuses at the end of a working day to get down the gym. I don't know, I guess changing gyms and late finishes at work don't help with motivation but when you don't see results it really does have an impact.

I think just in general, I need to really re-evaluate a lot of my habits from diet, nutrition to self love. The past few weeks have been extremely pressurised at work and it's affected me a lot more than I thought. I under estimated the affects of stress and my body and the time I take to look after myself. This is definitely something I need work on. I just feel like I watch everybody and wonder when they have the time to do things, and upon reflection - it's me. I don't give myself the time. I don't sit down in the evenings and really relax. Working, going to the gym and jumping from home to home (my boyfriends and my own) is really starting to catch up with me. I feel exhausted, stressed, anxious, worried and like time is constantly running away with me. So I'm making the executive decision to stop. Just stop, and I feel like the gym being close for 10 days is a good incentive to start to plan, organise and learn. Learn to love myself, love about nutrition, learn about resting, learn about fitness, learn to relax.

I don't feel like I know enough about taking care of myself, or just relaxing in general. The past 2 years have been go go go for me. Finishing uni, finding a career, living away from home, new jobs. It's quite overwhelming and all positive progressive things, but I haven't ever really sat down and reflected on what I have done and figure out what I need to do to grow.

I want this blog to be a reflection of what I feel is a healthy, realistic lifestyle. I'm a 23 year old juggling a full time job, a busy (but super fun) social life, maintain a steady gym routine and trying to develop my love of all things fitness and nutrition into a career. I just feel like I'm ready to take the next step in my life towards building a fitness career, but I don't feel like I've planned enough about it for me to be successful.

At the end of this waffling post, what I'm really trying to say is..I'm going to take some time to learn to love myself and set realistic, achievable, goals that get me step by step to where I really want to be. This I feel is the most important thing in life, because without self love how can I tell people to love themselves?

See you soon,


Healthy Hangover Smoothie

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Happy Friday!
Blimey am I sooooo glad this is week is finally over. Works been a hectic one and a stressful one to say the least. I've managed to get to the gym twice this week and fit in a run so I'm going to make sure to head down there tomorrow to squeeze in a leg session! I certainly notice such a difference to my stress levels after a good gym session especially if work has been crazy..
Anyway, with this in mind - I have a night out planned this weekend which I'm totally looking forward to. It's not often I go out and let my hair down so this weekend it's going to be a good one. But with a night out on the cards a hangover is sure to follow..(I'm no student anymore) and I thought why not share with you a cheeky little hangover cure to help freshen up that foggy head the morning after the night before. We loose lots of nutrients when we drink and in particular become dehydrated so this simple smoothie will be perfect for curing that nasty head. 

What you will need:
  • 1 Small Banana 
  • Handful of Blueberries
  • 1/2 Cup of Greek Yogurt 
  • 1/2 Cup Coconut Water
  • Mixed Seeds
  • Blender
  • Place all ingredients into your blender and blitz until smooth..(if you can handle the noise of the blender that is..
Ta da, there you have you it - ENJOY!


New Laptop // Premium Apparel

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Hey guys!
So I have some great news, I finally have my own laptop! I'm super duper excited as you can imagine. I am now one step closer to achieving my goals, ahh. I just feel like slowly things are starting to fall into to place and my journey is finally starting to snowball. Now I finally have my laptop it means I can begin looking into my Personal Training course again which is my next step. Life feels goooooooooooooooooooooooood. *FIST PUMP YEAH*.
Anyway, onto something that you may all be interested in. We all love a spending spree, and if you are like me, I do love treating myself to some goodies for the gym. The past few weeks I must say.. a little bit more than I should. A recent purchase of mine included some super cute leggings from Premium Apparel UK. I couldn't be happier with my purchase, the material is great, thick (perfect for those squats - no see through moments) and so comfy. I'm very particular about the style of leggings I purchase, I like high-waisted, long length legging and these are perfect. 

If you fancy a pair yourself then pick up 10% discount with discount code: GEORGIESILK and check out Premium Apparel UK @:
Ciao for now.

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