Build a Booty

Welcome to my top 15 leg workout page :) This video consists of 15 body weight leg routines that you can achieve easily at home without the use of any gym equipment (bar a chair). It all relies on your own body weight and can be done anywhere so theres no excuse not to give it ago!

1) Squats
This is the most obvious leg workout that everyone loves and hates lol. I would recommend to do around 15 reps of these and suggest repeating this rep around 3-4 times. Feel the burn!!!!

2) Jumping Squats
This is really good for getting the heart rate up and you can add these to a circuit to get the heart rate pumping! I would would suggest trying around 12 - 15 reps of these and you can either repeat this three times or add it to a circuit!

3) Lunges
This one is another pretty popular move that I would suggest you try and aim for 15 on each leg! Make sure that your legs are at a 90 degree angle and you can always see your front foot over your knee.

4) Jumping Lunges
This is another little heart raiser! You can add this after you have achieved 15 jumping squats to make a small Hiit Circuit that will really get you feeling the burn!! As with the lunges try and aim for around 10-15 reps on each leg and ensure that your legs are at a 90 degree angle!

5) Pistol Squat
As you may notice from this video, I'm not 100% confident with this squat! It's quite a challenge for your balance! So can be a good one to work on to help with your core! With this movement it is I would recommend trying at least between 5-10 on each leg as it can be quite a challenge to master!!

6) Bulgarian Split Squat
This is actually one of my favourite types of squats because it literally burns so much!!! If you are not at a gym then you can easily do this with a chair no problem! This is a really good little leg burner so I would try and do as many as you can! You may notice when you first start its a little uncomfortable and feels a bit wobbly! Lol, but make sure you get down low and find the right position thats best for you!

7/8) Box Jumps
Wowieeeee this is a killer for me! I sometimes add a little burpee at the end of the box jump just to make it more of a challenge!! Or as seen in the second style of box jump you can add a little extra jump!! This if you haven't got the equipment you can use something that you feel comfortable jumping on...perhaps a bed!! Haha..I joke.. I always aim for 15 reps of these as it really gets your heart pumping and I usually add it with my jumping lunges and squats as well!!

9) Step Ups
Another little heart raiser!! I love them so much! I love that feeling of being completely knackered at the end of a workout!!! This is do for around 30-40 seconds and I go as hard as I can! You don't have to use a big box for these you can always use your stairs! GET CREATIVE !!!

10) Squat Walks
I think they are called squat walks, but I don't often use this one but it is a good little one for making squats a little difference! I would go for at least 10 each way if you are adding these into a circuit.

11) Burpees
YAY everyones favourite the burpee!! Yippee :) Do no less than 10 of these in a row! This is another little heart worker too and of course everyone loves them!!!!!!

12) Donkey Kicks
The name says it all!!! Make sure you keep your knee bent at a 90 degree angle when you lower your leg back to the floor!!! Again 15 reps on each leg and you can repeat this 3 times within a circuit!!

13/14/15) Mountain Climbers
This is one of my least favourite moves! It kills!!! Try and do this for at least 30 seconds maybe even 45 seconds!!! This video shows you a variety of different mountain climbers which you can do in a circuit as well!!

I've mentioned a lot about circuits, So I would truly recommend you pick 4-5 of the moves in the video and perform each movement in reps of 10-15 and repeat the circuit at least 3 times. This means your muscles are working extra harder and you can get your heart rate going! AND FEEL THE BURN!!!!!!